England, UK

Who We Are

Our vision

To inspire and enable positive social change through the action of Entrepreneuring.

Our mission

Welcome to the Entrepreneuring Revolution. We are on an adventure to positively impact the lives of as many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as possible through the development of a #GoDo mindset and entrepreneurial behaviours.

What is Entrepreneurial Spark®?

Entrepreneurial Spark is a team of mindset enablers. Since our creation six years ago we have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to create positive social change. We do this via a unique focus on developing the mindset and behaviours of every individual we work with making them more resilient, action-led and focused, true entrepreneurial leaders. We are now taking this way of thinking to new markets, new customers and the wider public with our unique mindset development programmes.

Our Team

Meet the team

Lucy-Rose Walker


With a degree in Psychology from Glasgow University and a successful history of working with business start-ups, Lucy-Rose co-founded Entrepreneurial Spark in 2011. After taking over as CEO in 2016 she grew the ES network to 12 accelerator Hubs operating across all four nations of the UK, in partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland. Royal Bank of Scotland acquired the renowned accelerator programme in February 2018. In 2016 Lucy-Rose was listed on SBNN’s 40 under 40 list and was a regional qualifier for the PWC Private business woman of the year in 2017.

Gayle Mann

Non-Exec Director

Gayle is a marketing strategist to trade and has spent the last 17 years working with start-ups across the UK, Europe, The Middle East and Latin America. Gayle also has a strong consultancy background operating on projects for both the European Union and the World Bank.
Gayle joined Entrepreneurial Spark in 2012 and has been responsible for the ongoing development of our proprietary enablement system for the last 3 years. Gayle has headed up the enablement team across the UK and India. She became Chief Operating Officer in March 2017.

Mike Stephens

CEO & Director

Mike’s background is in corporate banking, with 10 years at NatWest in management and sales. During this time he worked on international trade, acquisitions, exits and leveraged finance. His broad experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes lends itself well to the fast-paced world of start-up and scaleup.
On joining Entrepreneurial Spark 3 years ago, Mike set up and ran our Leeds hub for 18 months before stepping up to lead on strategic projects. Since then he has initiated and completed a Virtual Accelerator programme, redeveloped our 6,000-strong Entrepreneurial Development Academy, and launched a new innovation movement within a Scottish University.

Jeremy Ambrose


After completing his degree in Psychology Jeremy went in to the world of business and managed hospitality and leisure sector businesses for 12 years up to Operations level. Working in thriving, turnaround and start-up units, the experience gained from his previous role enabled him to join ES and challenge/support thousands of entrepreneurs. Building, nurturing and managing teams at ES to carry on the support of both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, has been one of his key attributes to date. Jeremy is instrumental in keeping the methodology, enablement proposition and delivery, relevant as well as world class during his time with ES.

Ria Tucker


Ria Joined Entrepreneurial Spark in 2015 and was responsible for supporting our Enablers, Hubs and Entrepreneurs in the South of England as Excellence Engineer. Before moving to Entrepreneurial Spark Ria built up an extensive 15 years experience in Retail, specifically in Operations – both UK and International. Throughout this time Ria also took on the role of Country Manager across Europe and South America, meaning Ria has led teams both in the U.K. and globally. Ria’s 9 years International experience brings with it a strong insight into trading in different markets and cultures and under various business models.