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LEADERS: E.S.Breakthrough – 9th September 2019

Be first to lead the edge in entrepreneurial mindset development and capitalise on business as unusual.
E.S.Breakthrough is designed to fit around your demanding daily lives. Our 4-week virtual learning Experience will introduce you to what it means to be an entrepreneurial leader, learning how entrepreneurs approach challenges to maximise their resources and how to use their techniques in your role to stay ahead of the curve. Through a combination of virtual learning, reflection tasks and challenges you can apply and test ideas in your world immediately.

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September 9th 2019

The Why….

The business landscape of today is changing at an exponential rate, we all have to operate in uncertainty whilst also ‘doing more with less’. It’s hard enough to keep up, let alone get ahead. There is one group of people who thrive in that resource light and ever-changing environment, Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs prosper in these complex environments. They are opportunity-hungry, responsive to change and resilient in the face of failure.

What’s In It For Me?…

E.S.Breakthrough is an experience based learning programme. It enables you to trial the impact of an entrepreneurial development programme on you and your teams before you commit to rolling something out across your whole team. It’s specially designed because we know YOU want to:

• Increase your competitive edge by understanding your personal entrepreneurial leadership qualities 

• Confidence to act on your ideas in your job from day one knowing they will work

• Create an entrepreneurial culture where your people are motivated to use their abilities to become their best self.

• Be the first to join a cohort of leading-edge thinkers in entrepreneurial development 

• Decide how to deploy entrepreneurial thinking and skills in your organisation with confidence through first-hand experience. 

• Be able to utilise this new toolkit with your team

The ROI…

The investment for this programme is £1,150 plus VAT per participant.
To generate the greatest return on your investment and optimise the opportunity, we’d be pleased to offer you and one other senior colleague two places for the investment of one, if you book before the 9th August.

To take advantage of this go straight to BUY NOW at the bottom of the page.

Further – to pay back your commitment to us if you book a cohort of 20 leaders within 60 days of completing E.S.Breakthrough, we will offer you 2 free places. So, your investment is returned x3.

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E.S.Breakthrough – Starting 9th September 2019