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The Open Accelerator

The Open Accelerator

At Entrepreneurial Spark we aim to enable even more entrepreneurs to succeed by creating The Open Accelerator: A place where people with the right mindset can be connected to tools, networks and opportunities. By open sourcing this accelerator we will ensure that it is inclusive, free and accessible to all no matter what stage their business is at or where they sit within the entrepreneurial eco system.

What would a place ‘for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs’ look like?


An open community where access to useful accelerator tools and insight is free and accessible to all no matter what stage your business is at.


A place where barriers are removed, where a community of like-minded people come together and support, challenge and inspire each other.


Where all entrepreneurs across the world are welcome and have a place to come and share their learning and experience.


A place that makes new global connections possible every day.

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We believe open sourcing is the most all-encompassing way to fully support entrepreneurs creating a connected, collaborative community with the entrepreneur at the heart of it.
We are launching a pilot programme early in 2020. Interested? Stay in touch by:

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Joining our Facebook group here. Members of this group will be invited to take part in the creation and testing of the first Open Sourced Accelerator in early 2020.

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