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The experience of working with them was fantastic – they
were way faster and more agile than other training providers, constantly
listening to us, adapting and experimenting. I suppose I should have expected
that from an entrepreneurial partnership! The pace was balanced by pragmatism
and a focus on impact. The team went to great lengths to collect insight into
what was working and how we could embed new practice. Our business now has a cohort of entrepreneurial leaders that are more enabled to make decisions and push their business forward. They are more self-aware, hungry for feedback and are using a more innovative and entrepreneurial approach in their work

Fernando Bonaduce

Proctor & Gamble

“Investing in our people is critical to the success of our business and working directly with entrepreneurs has inspired us to think differently, not only in what we do, but in how we approach opportunities and challenges. Using a customer – led approach, working in partnership with Entrepreneurial – Spark, over the last three years we have co – created a unique entrepreneurial development academy to adopt and role model the traits of successful entrepreneurs and apply these in a large organisation to be more change ready, innovative and inspire our people to believe in more.

Gordon Merrylees

RBS Group

The team from Entrepreneurial Spark delivered an incredible workshop for our presales team. After a 2 day sales kick off the team loved the energy and fresh ideas that ESpark brought, very quickly everyone was sharing new ideas and exploring how a positive mindset could help our productivity and creativity. Exploring and practicing an intrapreneurial culture has helped the UKI organisation continue to innovate and grow our business.

Amber Hilton

Dell Technologies