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Why Intrapreneurs?

Intrapreneur ˌɪntrəprəˈnəː/

Origin – 1970s: from intra -‘within’- + shortened form of entrepreneur


skilled individuals who are creative and innovative, who think and act like entrepreneurs for the benefit of their organisation.

With the exponential pace of change in today’s world coupled with an increasing need to innovate to stay relevant – ensuring that you invest in building the capability of your people to flourish in this environment, can be the difference between success and failure.

Creating a new generation of Intrapreneurs

At Entrepreneurial Spark we are on a mission to create a new generation of intrapreneurs.

In the last 3 years we have worked with multiple organisations helping them to unlock the potential of their workforce, this includes the development of the Entrepreneur Development Academy (EDA) in partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland.

The EDA was developed in partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland. We set out to unlock entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours of employees across the organisation. The programme was shaped from our experience of running world class accelerator programmes for entrepreneurs across the UK. We translated this experience to help develop innovative techniques and entrepreneurial mindset in large corporate setting. Over 6,000 members of staff signed up, with more joining every day.

“Investing in our people is critical to the success of our business and working directly with entrepreneurs has inspired us to think differently, not only in what we do, but in how we approach opportunities and challenges. Using a customer – led approach, working in partnership with Entrepreneurial – Spark, over the last three years we have co – created a unique entrepreneurial development academy to adopt and role model the traits of successful entrepreneurs and apply these in a large organisation to be more change ready, innovative and inspire our people to believe in more.

Through a combination of face to face immersion days and digital, online learning modules, Entrepreneurial – Spark have challenged our mindset to be more creative in response to our customer needs and our people have really enjoyed the experience. Our Net Promoter score s of 81% is testament to that learning experience, which now gives us a first hand, better understanding of the challenges faced by entrepre- neurs. This has allowed our people to offer much more appropriate support though better, more relevant business to business conversations, as well as encouraging them to adopt innovation mindsets, and behave more creatively on a day to day basis within the organisation itself, helping build people capability, fit for a digital age.”

Gordon Merrylees Head of Entrepreneurship, RBS, NatWest & Ulster bank

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you or your business to become more creative, innovative and enterpreneurial then we’d love to hear from you!