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Championing Entrepreneurs

Since the creation of our first accelerator hub in 2012 we have enabled the rebels, the suits, the start-ups working at the kitchen table, the mumpreneurs and the big businesses scaling up. The importers and the exporters. The whizz kids and the wise owls. They are all now part of the Mindset Revolution!


We are a people accelerator, which means we focus on growing YOU as much as your business. Be more resilient and decisive, take more action, become the leader you want to be. We’ll help you supercharge your mindset, which drives your behaviours and your ultimate success.


We make business make sense, using proven tools combined from our years of experience working with entrepreneurs. We know what works to help form your strategy and, most importantly, execute on it.


We believe that great entrepreneurs can be found everywhere, not just in big cities. Our programmes are virtual so you can access them from anywhere. You don’t need to spend precious time commuting to receive support, you can use all that time to grow your business instead! 


Community is at the heart of our movement. Connect with likeminded people, passionate mentors and global experts. Give help, get help, move forward.

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Two Programmes One Goal

Growth and Scale for you and your business

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Perhaps you have an idea and are not sure where to start?

Or perhaps you have a few sales, but not sure how to build a sustainable business model?

Our online sprint will give you everything you need to get started on the path to growth, using our insight from accelerating over 4,000 entrepreneurs.

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You have a rapidly growing business and want to make sure you stay focussed and deliver.

You have enough sales to support you and a small team, but are struggling to hit the next level of growth.

Are on the investment trail and looking to supercharge your business model and pitch.

Our new growth accelerator will challenge and support you to do things differently, using our insight from working with hundreds of scale-up entrepreneurs.

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