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Why Do We Bang On About Tech?

Why Do We Bang On About Tech?

By Jeremy Ambrose

Speaking to many different organisations, both public and private, one thing keeps cropping up and it can be summed up in one quote, if we only had a pound for every time this was said:

“We want to be seen as the (insert noun here) for tech”

We get it! There is a huge reliance on technology for business function, scalability and process innovation. Its sexy right now, if we have the word tech in our pitch then somehow we become more credible. The age of AI is upon us and we frankly don’t know what to do with it or how to approach it. The technology we use is only as good as the humans who programme it. The way we use tech is only as good as the understanding our employees have of it. 
You see, the thing here is that the key to every bit of technology working to the best of its ability is “humans”. Instead of programming our technology more, why not programme our humans better. Setting algorithms in computer programming has synergy with developing neural pathways which shape behaviours. Isn’t this just the basis of coding?
If you develop your team to think and act differently, to tackle problems with an open mind and in a collaborative way, to share cognitive diversities and individual experiences of the world, then yes, the solution may well end up being be tech based. If you give your team the ability to make decisions based on facts and testing, then the answer may not be limited to a technological solution. Tech is shiny right now, and as entrepreneurs we love a shiny thing. If we really want to innovate and stay ahead of the curve, its not going to be our use of tech that gets us there, its going to be a change in mindset for our teams. An adoption of new technology and ways of working is going to take different thinkers, people willing to step outside of their comfort zone to try something new.
Picking up a new mobile phone is a school day, it takes us time to get used to it, we learn how the operating system works, find shortcuts in the way we use it and make it convenient for us to use. This is a process of adoption and learning. If we feed this learning process and develop our mindsets, then the ability to adapt and change can be expedited.
One day, just one day, we would love to walk into a meeting and for someone to say

“We want to be the place where people think differently”

Imagine what could be achieved with a huge amount of cognitive diversity in one place. The imagination runs wild at the thought of people coming together to share ideas and experience to shape the future, to tackle existing and well embedded problems in an innovative way, by simply thinking differently.  What could be achieved? Who knows, but we would love to be a fly on the wall in that utopia.  

So, what are you doing right now to develop your teams’ mindset in the face of the fourth industrial revolution?