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Month: August 2020

Why Do We Bang On About Tech?

By Jeremy Ambrose Speaking to many different organisations, both public and private, one thing keeps cropping up and it can be summed up in one quote, if we only had a pound for every time this was said: “We want to be seen as the (insert noun here) for tech” We get it! There is a huge reliance…
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Peer to Peer Learning

By Jeremy Ambrose Why does it work so well? You will have seen us use this quote before “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together”  Recent events have given us time to step back and reflect on everything that has gone before. As we move into the…
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Social capital in a Post Covid world – better business, better society

By Fay Watkin – Head of Entrepreneurial Development As we continue to shine a light on Inclusive Growth and the role of the entrepreneur this week we look at Social Capital….. With the challenge of ‘levelling up’ the economy even more mammoth than ever, and the consequences of not ‘building back better’ being truly dire,…
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