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Month: June 2020

Want To Go Global?

Entrepreneurial Spark & DIA Power Hour – Going global The 2020 Design Intelligence Awards provides reward and recognition for risk takers and in support of this opportunity Entrepreneurial Spark hosted a Power Hour for UK entrepreneurs, innovators and designers on how UK start-up and scale-up firms can grow their business in China. UK scale-up firm…
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Open Innovation and its part in Economic Recovery

By Fay Watkin Can being more open to ‘Open’ accelerate your innovation? As you stop operating in crisis mode and start to once again make plans for the future of your business, there is one buzzword epitomising the journey to recovery: ‘INNOVATION’. It has been on the lips of every self-respecting business economist these past…
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How Is Your Perspective Right Now?

Our sense of perspective can become frazzled and fatigued during times of crisis. When worry and uncertainty are ever present, we lose the ability to frame anything in optimism. Chances are your business is changing, or you think it needs to, and all this feels overwhelming. Even if you have got a handle on how…
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