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Ask Yourself The Hard Questions Today

Ask Yourself The Hard Questions Today

By Fay Watkin – Head of Entrepreneurial Development

If the impact of recent events now means your business as you once knew and loved it, is no longer familiar, think twice before sleepwalking into a future of unfulfillment.  Instead, take time to ask  yourself the hard questions…… 

For many business owners right now just keeping the wolf away from the door, by any means possible, is high on their agenda. But once the dust settles, and the shape of the business they now have left emerges, it may be time to pause and check if the compass still points North?  

In a 2019 Kevin Evers HBR article, The Art of Blooming Late, it’s suggested that “creating a micromotive, or a goal tailored to an extremely specific activity that truly inspires you” could be key to unlocking career fulfilment – entrepreneurs can flip this concept and instead explore if their business is still something they are passionate about? If the answer is ‘no’ perhaps now is the perfect opportunity to start over? 

Angela Duckworth, author of ‘Grit’, advocates how finding a passion and loving what you do, is a key ingredient to formulating ‘grit’, arguably vital components of business sustainability and success. So without a business aligned to passion and purpose are entrepreneurs heading to a life of diminishing returns? In short can you afford to be doing something you don’t love? 

What do entrepreneurs need to ask themselves then? As Duckworth highlights “Passion comes from intrinsic interest in your craft and from a sense of purpose—the conviction that your work is meaningful and helps others” so starting by looking deep inside you will pave the path to success. 

Social Entrepreneur Noeline Kirabo, goes one step further in her 2020 Ted Talk and states the answer lies in asking yourself two questions: 

1) “If you had all the time and money in the world, what would you spend your time doing” 

2) “what makes you happy or gives you the greatest sense of fulfilment?” 

Ordinarily answering these questions as an entrepreneur would mean stepping out of all the usual chaotic trappings that go hand in hand with running a business and a life. And so they may well go unanswered. But, in a Covid-19 era, where adversity has brought a sweeping slant of determined reflection and contemplation, many of us have already vowed to make sure our lives, post crisis, are more fulfilled and purposeful. 

So, to the entrepreneurs who have lost their footing, now is the time to be bold. Ask the hard questions – the pay off may just be too great to risk avoiding.