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Relish The Humans

Relish The Humans

COVID-19 has taken away our loved ones, our livelihoods and our economy. But, out of the ashes, the humanity in all of us has been reawakened and we are seeing solidarity spread much faster than any virus ever could.  

In her recent TED talk psychologist Susan David addressed how we can all be our best self during this crisis, highlighting life’s beauty as “inseparable from its fragility” and in this watershed moment it appears that the one thing to have not been lost is our basic instinct of wanting to still find the beauty – to connect, comfort and belong.  

For many of us whom are still lucky enough to be working or running a business during this time, there is no doubt that you will find it hard for your own humanity not to now seep into your professional persona.  

As clients and colleagues come to know the nooks and crooks of our once private homes; our book shelves, our kitchen tables (and weather permitting, our gardens) and as we reveal our pets names, home schooling schedules and whether or not we or our loved ones have been impacted by this virus, Zoom by Zoom, Skype by Skype we find ourselves sharing and caring more.   

Even our leaders are stripping right back, no more so than New Zealand’s much celebrated Jacinda Arden who delighted the nation when she addressed the Easter Bunny and Tooth fairy as ‘essential workers’! No wonder so many think COVID-19 just might change how we conduct ourselves forever and, as entrepreneurs, there is truly a new opportunity to embrace our humanity fully and lead our businesses with the authenticity we never before dared to show.   

So how can you connect with your customers and clients during the crisis, engage the right mindset and behaviours and embrace this new human passport we’ve all been gifted? Renowned author, Priya Parker, raises how we can all take advantage of virtual gatherings that are “unique to this moment of social distancing”. Parker urges us, in both our personal and professional lives, to use this moment of societal pause to take the time to really understand other people’s situations – as an entrepreneur it’s a chance to ask the human questions, find out your customer’s pain points and embrace the deepening of relationships. Be that critical friend, take the time to listen and let the walls come down because if there is one thing we can all relish in this time of lockdown, it’s the power of the human. 

By Fay Watkin – Entrepreneurial Spark