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Pivoting At Pace

Pivoting At Pace

‘Why has it taken a global pandemic for us to move so quickly?’

From business models to supply chains, from governments offering some of the largest economic packages in history to remote working now being ‘the norm’.  The past month has brought us one of the fastest and most widespread displays of innovation we have ever seen. 

Overnight, across all industries and sectors there has been an adoption and acceptance of technology and ways of working that have previously been either impossible or ‘way ahead’ of cultural and societal needs.  Business owners both large and small are desperately innovating to continue their services and global organisations are reaching out and supporting those who need it the most.

We are all now operating in a whole new environment and everyone has needed to quickly re-think and re-design the way they work and how they go about their lives. 

If all of this can happen over a matter of weeks, it begs the obvious question of – why has it taken a global pandemic and crisis for us to move so quickly, take decisive action and innovate?

This change and shift in mindset and behaviour (because when you strip it all back, this is essentially what it is) has always been possible and within reach.  The problem has been our brains and our ability before now, to turn off our auto pilot and allow ourselves to think differently.  Our brains are so resistant to change, that they become lazy.  It happens to us all and to some extent is how we make sense of the world around us.  It takes a lot of effort and energy to always be thinking!  Most people do not question their decisions and actions, and if they do, they are likely to quickly rationalize them.

What covid-19 has done is disturb the auto pilot that our brains run on and with the uncertainty it has brought it has forced us to think and act differently to survive.  Operating on auto pilot over the past weeks has not been an option.

Entrepreneurs and those alike are now using this time to adapt, create and re-imagine their businesses.  Many of the changes taking place now will become permanent and the models, products and services which are emerging will have the power to change communities and society for the better.

By Ria Tucker – Director Entrepreneurial Spark