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There’s A New Normal In Town

There’s A New Normal In Town

Locked Down And Looking Up

“Don’t lose your ambition. This situation is unparalleled. Many have the instinct to hunker down, think small. When economies shrink, there are opportunities you will never find any other time.” – Margaret Heffernan

It is in Entrepreneurial Spark’s nature to turn a problem into an opportunity, look forward and rock the boat. Business as usual has crashed, no one can see further than a few weeks ahead and everything we knew about the world has changed.

It’s time to activate your hidden superpowers. Find the depths of strength that lie within. Unleash your creativity and will to survive. Jump off the hamster wheel. Clear your mind. Challenge your instinct to hunker down.

You may never have an opportunity like this again in our lifetime. Reach out and help others. Let go of fear and live up to your full human potential.

Lockdown will only last so long, and the world will start turning again. There will be a new “normal”, with fewer controllables and more uncertainty. We will only learn to thrive in this environment by changing the way we think.

You need to connect with your inner entrepreneur – that voice inside you that tells you to shake off the fear, find the opportunity, think big, dive into the fray and reinvent yourself. Get out of your comfort zone; let go of what you did before; take a risk.

We’re here for you. We need entrepreneurial people now more than ever before to reboot our economies and invent new ways of doing business in a society reborn. We need them in every sector and size of business – not just startups but governments and corporates too.

Our urgent mission is helping to create these people, to equip them with the mindsets and skills required to restart the engines of our economies. We’re taking urgent action with free support and collaboration with others, and we’re looking for others who think like us to join the movement.

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