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Month: April 2020

Creating The Future – Here and Now

By Fay Watkin – Head of Entrepreneurial Development In his recent Ted Talk (How to shift your mindset and choose your future) Tom Rivett-Carnac says, in response to the current crisis we find ourselves in “we cannot afford the luxury of feeling powerless” and as business owners stare into the face of this ‘new normal’ if they are to have any chance…
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Relish The Humans

COVID-19 has taken away our loved ones, our livelihoods and our economy. But, out of the ashes, the humanity in all of us has been reawakened and we are seeing solidarity spread much faster than any virus ever could.   In her recent TED talk psychologist Susan David addressed how we can all be our best self during this crisis,…
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Pivoting At Pace

‘Why has it taken a global pandemic for us to move so quickly?’ From business models to supply chains, from governments offering some of the largest economic packages in history to remote working now being ‘the norm’.  The past month has brought us one of the fastest and most widespread displays of innovation we have…
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There’s A New Normal In Town

Locked Down And Looking Up “Don’t lose your ambition. This situation is unparalleled. Many have the instinct to hunker down, think small. When economies shrink, there are opportunities you will never find any other time.” – Margaret Heffernan It is in Entrepreneurial Spark’s nature to turn a problem into an opportunity, look forward and rock…
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