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What type of entrepreneur are you?

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Entrepreneurial Spark have teamed up with Brunel University and the British Design Fund to pilot Entrepreneurial Pulse, a groundbreaking research study and thirty of our alumni business leaders are participating in the pilot.

Entrepreneurial Pulse will understand entrepreneurs inside out.

The aim is to be the UK’s most significant research investigation into the different types of entrepreneurs and the impact of mindset on their behaviour and performance.

Most well-trodden entrepreneur research aims to identify the elusive entrepreneur x-factor or bottable essence.  While a laudable objective, this work assumes the principle that all entrepreneurs are the same, sharing the same DNA and a dominant entrepreneurial gene.

Our investigation starts in a different place with the proposition that there are different “types” of entrepreneur and understanding their differences is vital to provide tangible insight and value for…

  • Investors who want to know how to guarantee their entrepreneurs success
  • Advisors who need to know how to compensate for entrepreneurs strengths and weaknesses
  • Entrepreneurs who need to know themselves better so they can adapt to sustain success 
  • Leadership teams who need to know how to complement each other to win together

Through tens of thousands of entrepreneur interactions we believe that different “types” of entrepreneurs share certain mindset traits while exhibiting different characteristics and qualities.

Our research programme “Entrepreneurial Pulse” aims to deeply understand entrepreneurs differences exploring what make Dyson different from Jobs and why. We will climb inside their minds to understand what “type” they are and would like to be; whether they recognise their “type” and how they can adapt: and what sort of support they need to continue to thrive.

The Entrepreneurial Pulse research programme will be:

        Futureproof. Ongoing digital and face to face research will capture emerging ideas and new influences  to inform trends and forecasts

        Scalebale. Engaging a community of thousands of UK entrepreneurs to establish robust evidence-based recommendations

        Valuable. Informing the design of practical tools that entrepreneurs and their advisors can apply in real life to accelerate their development

Our goal is to forensically explore and quantify the significant underpinning characteristics of entrepreneurs, with the aim of knowing them better than they know themselves.

We’ll be back to share the first findings in September.

Entrepreneurial Partners – British Design Fund, Brunel University and Entrepreneurial Spark

To achieve our shared mission led by British Design Fund we’ve formed a partnership of entrepreneurial leaders. British Design Fund initiated the programme to inform their investment pipeline; partners Brunel University are leading thinkers who are committed to continuously improve their understanding of entrepreneurs; and Entrepreneurial Spark’s goal is fuel the innovation of their user-centred mindset products to accelerate entrepreneurs success.