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Returning To Our Roots

Returning To Our Roots

MY, how we’ve missed you! 12 months ago we returned to our entrepreneurial roots. Our team, hubs and entrepreneurs were safely huddled in their new home at Royal Bank of Scotland, and we went back into startup mode – exploring, discovering, testing.

We’ve been riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster along with you and as expected, it has not been easy. As much as we know about Entrepreneuring® (we help other people do it for Pete’s sake!) we also know that nothing can smooth out the journey. Mindset is the best tool to help you ride the rollercoaster better, faster, longer, but it can’t remove the ups and downs.

As the entrepreneurs among you know, most of this journey takes place behind closed doors. Over the last year we have:

  • Walked down lots of blind alleys
  • Been out of our comfort zones a LOT
  • Done things that we wished we hadn’t
  • Got very excited when people liked our new ideas, and they actually worked
  • Made plenty of mistakes that had us kicking ourselves for a few days
  • Re-learned how to operate as a small, fast, entrepreneurial team
  • Dealt with our own inner critics, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, assumptions and all our entrepreneurial mindset favourites

And because we have been working through all of that we haven’t been talking to you, our outstanding community.  We have missed you, a lot!

So here we are, half way through 2019. Want to catch up?!

Over the next couple of weeks we will share some highlights of our own entrepreneurial journey from the past 12 months. And because we don’t want to pretend that the journey is easy or everything is always rosy, we will also be including what we learned in the process (normally the hard way).

A couple of highlights:

  • Chasing hummingbirds round a swimming pool before our female entrepreneur boot camp in Costa Rica.
  • Realising that brogues are not appropriate footwear for Norway in January.
  • Chilling with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones while preparing for our 20th hub launch in Bermuda.
  • Pirating an idea from the health and wellness industry to launch our latest entrepreneur programmes. Find out more here.

More on these next time…

Meanwhile, we keep seeing our alumni storming along and want to do more to champion you and your businesses. We’re going to be profiling our alumni regularly for the next few months, so if you have a story to tell and want to feature, get in touch! We’re looking for successes, failures, learning and reflections to share with our global community (and it’s a great way to get some free promotion).

Come back next week to find out what you can learn from entrepreneurs in other countries to build your own business.