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Month: July 2019

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Entrepreneurial Spark have teamed up with Brunel University and the British Design Fund to pilot Entrepreneurial Pulse, a groundbreaking research study and thirty of our alumni business leaders are participating in the pilot. Entrepreneurial Pulse will understand entrepreneurs inside out. The aim is to be the UK’s most significant research investigation into the different types of entrepreneurs and…
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Being Part Of An Accelerator

Michelle Nicklin – Sandstone Yoga The real business journey began when I joined an accelerator… I love yoga.  I have loved yoga for over 30 years.  I had a growing yoga and Pilates business and when one of my private clients said in my studio you are very entrepreneurial you should try ESpark, I did…
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What You Can Learn From Global Entrepreneurs

Since we found a new home for our UK accelerators 12 months ago, we have been spreading our wings to champion entrepreneurs globally. Now we’re back having just launched two new programmes in the UK, and we want to share some of what we have learned to help you in your own journey. Where have…
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Returning To Our Roots

MY, how we’ve missed you! 12 months ago we returned to our entrepreneurial roots. Our team, hubs and entrepreneurs were safely huddled in their new home at Royal Bank of Scotland, and we went back into startup mode – exploring, discovering, testing. We’ve been riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster along with you and as expected, it…
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