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Month: July 2018

The 5 Key Components to Make your Innovation Accelerator roar!

There are two key strategies which are driving a new way of doing business, M&A and internal innovation, with change and growth at the forefront. Any organisation which has opted for the latter of these two strategies then finds themselves on a quest to discover, include and support the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, which will help…
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The Innovation Pyramid

The Innovation Pyramid is a guide to allow you to focus on what needs to happen in your organisation to make innovation work. There are 4 components of the pyramid which are all underpinned with having the right mindset. When you have the right mindset in the organisation and everyone is singing off the same…
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Are You As A Leader Stifling Innovation? – by Ria Tucker

In our latest guest blog, Ria Tucker explores how the thinking errors of our leaders can impact innovation. There are some key questions to stop and ask yourself whilst reading this article, write them down and when you are in the throws of operation, take the time to ask yourself the right question at the…
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Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture – by Mike Stephens

In this personal blog by Mike Stephens – CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark, we explore the 4 key building blocks of developing an Entrepreneurial culture. We as a company have been working with many large organisations and we want to be able to share what we have learnt from doing so. We will build these blocks…
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