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Creativity for Innovation – A How To Guide

Creativity for Innovation – A How To Guide

“Creativity is the only thing missing from the world of work”. Does that sound like a bold statement?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a larger organisation, imagine what would happen if the full creative potential of the people around you was unleashed. Problems would get solved, stuff would simply get done. New ideas, products and ways of working would come into being. Customers would be wowed by your creative approach, and in turn would find ways to co-create your next generation of products and services with you.

If you have a problem that can’t be solved by exercising a bit of creativity, then I would question whether it can be solved at all.

More narrowly, creativity is the foundation of innovation. Creativity is required to understand problems in a new way. It is required for imagining ambitious solutions, and for implementing and scaling up solutions. Without creativity the best thing a business can hope for is to stand still.

So my challenge is – how much time do we spend developing creativity? When did you last put time aside to create something new? Or time just to develop your creativity in that same way you would any other skill? How often do you do creative exercises with your team?

If the answer is “loads” then great, read on to get some new ideas! For most people the answer will be “seldom” or “never”. If you agree on the importance of creativity both for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, then download our guide to developing your creativity below.