The Mindset Revolution isnt Just for the UK

The Mindset Revolution isnt Just for the UK

Little did we know when we flew to Brindisi, Italy this time last week that we would find a vibrant entrepreneurial community in the gorgeous region of Puglia. When asked to speak at the Ready to START – Wake UP event we have to admit to knowing very little about the area. However, what we found was a group of likeminded people that were passionate about injecting more entrepreneurial and innovative thinking into their ecosystem to help solve some of their big regional economic challenges.

Supported by the Rotary Club of Italy and run by LWB, Ready to START – Wake UP was designed to bring together speakers and thought leaders from across Europe, as well as other regions of Italy. They were there for one reason – to share best practice, so that young people, students, entrepreneurs and supporters could learn from their peers about different ways of working, and the opportunities available to them to help their region thrive. Governatore Lanzilotti from the Rotary explained – “we don’t need to just support young people, we need to be the young people, thinking and acting as they do, as they are the future of this region”. This was as much about learning as it was about testing the appetite for challenging the status quo and for driving growth and change.

With approximately 450 registrations over 2 days and 25 entrepreneurs pitching for funding, that appetite was certainly evident. What was also clear was that the challenges faced by entrepreneurs are the same wherever in the world we seem to visit. Navigating the political landscape, access to funding and most importantly, that having the right mindset really is the key to overcoming them.

We told the Entrepreneurial Spark story from inception through to exit and our focus moving forward – taking our learnings to a new market and new customers. What was unmistakable was that the mindset message resonated with everyone we spoke to – from travel-preneurs from Greece, crowdfunding and social impact entrepreneurs in Croatia and Romanian Forbes 30 under 30 members – everyone shared a uniquely common attitude.

At Entrepreneurial Spark we created an environment that was abundant with entrepreneurs who all shared a similar mindset and approach to challenge. It created a vibrant hub of idea generation and entrepreneurial action. For us, it was really refreshing to see that this worked for our entrepreneurs, and that our few days in Italy surrounded by these types of people made a huge impact on us too. We met some phenomenal entrepreneurs and change makers and not to mention some friends for life. We’ve left Italy not only a few pounds heavier, but with a renewed sense of purpose, that it is our role to spread the mindset message far and wide to support others in harnessing the power of their own mindset to create impact and drive change for good in their own pocket of the world.


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