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The Mindset Revolution: People People People

The Mindset Revolution: People People People

How many times have you heard these quotes in the workplace?

“People buy people, not products.” “Our people are our biggest asset” “Our biggest cost line is Payroll”

At Entrepreneurial Spark, our USP has always been centred around the individual in a business. We have worked with thousands of entrepreneurial leaders and it was evident that without exception, the success or failure of a business was down to the mindset and behaviours of the entrepreneurial leader. Its great to have the latest technology, the latest methodology in management, but we have found that it is the mindset of the entrepreneurial leader that leads and really drive the business forward. It is amazing to see the breakthroughs that a small change in behaviour can have on both an individual and a business, and it all starts with their mindset.

We have conducted studies on the changes in this mindset and the impact it has on business. When you move from a fixed mindset “I cant do it”, to a growth mindset “I can’t do it…yet!”, the results are tangible. We saw a shift in positive social change and the metrics underpinning this (job creation, turnover, investment raised), when entrepreneurial leaders changed the way they thought, diversified their thinking and took action.

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It isn’t just the impact on business that the mindset shift has, we notice that individuals working with us create some amazing by-products – they climb mountains (literally), run marathons, work through toxic relationships. Ultimately, they become positive and more productive people. We disrupt thinking, we do things differently and we challenge perceptions and force fresh thinking in people and business.

In a recent World Economic Forum article writing about the Fourth Revolution and working with machines, Brad Keywell says “the future of work looks very different from the past. I believe people with grit, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit will embrace this future, rather than cling to the status quo.” In an ever-changing world and business landscape, thinking and acting like an entrepreneur sets the mindset for the future of work.

The future of work starts with hiring the right people. We practice what we preach, our recruitment process is a prime example. Applying our secret sauce and focussing on values, mindset and behaviours of candidates, enabled us to build a highly engaged team. Gone are the days of competency-based recruitment processes and relying on a tick box exercise to hire your next rock star. The individual needs to have the culture fit, share the values of others in the organisation and exhibit the behaviours you would want to see day to day. We aren’t talking about hiring people who look and talk the same, quite the opposite. In a team you need complimentary skillsets, diversity in thought and strengths in a multitude of different areas. This in turn keeps your team motivated, engaged, forward thinking and leading innovation. If you build a highly engaged team, they will build a highly engaged audience. Our team was the reason we were able to build the worlds largest free business accelerator. We are now speaking with major employers on their people strategy and culture building, as well as providing enablement to people eager to discover themselves and fulfil their dreams.

So, make sure your people are ready for the Fourth Revolution, equip them with the skills they need to be resilient, innovative and entrepreneurial. The ever-changing landscape means that agility in thought and action, will be the key driver to the success of any business and its leader.

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