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The mindset revolution: not just accelerator hubs

The mindset revolution: not just accelerator hubs

Killer robots, time travel and eternal life – just some of the sci-fi related and, perhaps, more drastic predictions for our future. But self-driving cars, medical diagnosis by smart phone and living to 100 years of age are just some of the predictions we can all expect to experience sooner rather than later. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a personal assistant in your pocket these days you are considered to be a dinosaur. It’s a time of exponential change and we as humans need to adapt our approach to prosper.

The news that we are living in a fast-paced world where technological advances are augmenting life and replacing humans is nothing new to us today, however when Entrepreneurial Spark began our adventure into the world of developing entrepreneurial mindsets behaviours six years ago, we simply could not have predicted the relevance of this now….and not just for entrepreneurs, but for everyone.

If we rewind to 2008 when the global recession hit, it’s no secret that the real winners were those that were able to think and act like entrepreneurs. Those who seek opportunity during adversity, and those that can think differently, critically and creatively as well as collaborating with others to solve problems in an increasingly complex environment. They were the ones that survived and thrived…and continue to do so.

As the inevitable rate of change in the way that we live and work increases, so must our requirement to adapt the way we must think and act, or we face extinction. At some point in the next 10 years we all face the question – do we have what it takes to thrive? Particularly when, if reports are to be believed, the majority of jobs that we do today will not exist.

Entrepreneurial Spark is renowned for creating the world’s largest free accelerator – a people accelerator, where, over the last six years we have worked with over nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to develop the mindset and behaviours that enable them to think and act like entrepreneurs in their jobs and businesses. The social impacts speak for themselves, both in terms of hard and soft metrics, as we reported in our latest impact report.

But we can’t stop there. With the advent of Industry 4.0, employers and employees alike are now waking up to the fact that these capabilities, or what we should now think of as 21st century skills are no longer limited to entrepreneurs. Every one of us must embrace them in order to live the technologically enhanced multi-career, multi-stage life that is in front of us to our full potential. Our focus at Entrepreneurial Spark now is to bring this new way of life to three distinct groups of people; entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and the wider general public. Supporting individuals to thrive in the workplaces of the future and in their lives and supporting businesses to get the most from their people through increased productivity and innovation.

With a proud and humble legacy in the business accelerator space across all four nations of the UK we’re now continuing to forge that wider mindset revolution throughout the country and beyond through impacting a much larger group of people. So, don’t expect a roll out of any more accelerators in the UK or elsewhere for just now… but don’t rule it out. Our research and data tells us everyone needs and wants some form of mindset acceleration in their life and we’re driven in the next chapter of this adventure to provide just that.

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