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Month: March 2018

The Mindset Revolution: People People People

How many times have you heard these quotes in the workplace? “People buy people, not products.” “Our people are our biggest asset” “Our biggest cost line is Payroll” At Entrepreneurial Spark, our USP has always been centred around the individual in a business. We have worked with thousands of entrepreneurial leaders and it was evident…
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Altering the Way Corporates and Large Organisations Approach Innovation

If you were to offer to make staff more visionary, resilient, innovative, outcome-driven and collaborative, most organisations would bite your hand off. And yet so little development work is done in this area – with most training built to address hard skills gaps, rather than mindset gaps. Great entrepreneurs have all the above traits, and…
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The mindset revolution: not just accelerator hubs

Killer robots, time travel and eternal life – just some of the sci-fi related and, perhaps, more drastic predictions for our future. But self-driving cars, medical diagnosis by smart phone and living to 100 years of age are just some of the predictions we can all expect to experience sooner rather than later. Let’s face…
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