Feedback, Comments and Complaints

Feedback, Comments and Complaints

At Entrepreneurial Spark we aim to deliver a high standard of customer service. With our growth mindset, we understand that sometimes we could do better, and we welcome your feedback, compliments and complaints should you wish to help us improve.

Letting us know

Please direct all feedback to:

We ask you to include your full name, telephone number, email address and all relevant information in relation to your comments. So that we can help you in the best possible way.

We welcome all opinions from everyone, be it applicants, existing entrepreneurs or alumni.

When will you hear back from us?

We always aim to send an initial response within three working days.

Where required we will investigate and send a final response within 14 working days, in other words, a little over two weeks.

How will we handle this internally?

We are always looking for opportunities to learn and grow so we can evolve our operations and communications. Sometimes we get it wrong, so we use feedback to implement changes quickly, fairly and confidentially. We have a dedicated procedure to record and track feedback impartially and suggestions are discussed on our weekly operations call to assess what progress we can make.