• NameMelanie Lawson
  • TitleFounder
  • CompanyBare Biology
  • HubBrighton
  • Twitter@BareBiology
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Bare Biology is a range of super premium Omega 3 fish oils, offering unrivalled quality in terms of strength, purity and freshness. The first and only British brand awarded a five star certification from the International Fish Oil Standards, stocked in major retailers including Whole Foods and Space NK.

What encouraged you to join Entrepreneurial Spark’s people accelerator programme?
My accountant and UKTI Trade Adviser both attended an Entrepreneurial Spark presentation and contacted me on the same day to tell me about it. It felt like fate. I literally had a few days before the closing date for applications. I work alone 90% of the time and thought it would be a really good thing to broaden my horizons and get some fresh perspective on my business. My approach to the business has always been to say “yes” to most things, and in the majority of cases it has been the right decision. You just never know what will come of something unless you try it.

Since joining Entrepreneurial Spark how have you seen your business change?
There’s much more focus now to the longer term strategy and also a systematic, consistent approach to the day to day running of the business. I’ve also become much more results driven, keeping a close eye on metrics and using those as motivation to push harder.

As an entrepreneur how have you changed since joining Entrepreneurial Spark?
I’ve become much better at doing a 60 second pitch! I’ve also developed more self-confidence through being pushed out of my comfort zone, and surviving it, and through the encouragement that comes from positive recognition.

Looking to the year ahead what are you hoping to achieve?
I want to increase our online sales tenfold; massively increasing our search rankings, building a new website, making our site international for exports and raising our brand awareness to a whole new level. We should turnover around £300k by the end of this financial year and I want to hit the half a million mark in the next financial year.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from your mentor?
To raise my own personal profile and become the ‘face’ of the brand.

If you were to describe Entrepreneurial Spark in three words, what would they be?
Positive, ambitious, go-getting.

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