• NameKieran Kelly
  • TitleChief Executive Officer
  • Companyarc-net
  • HubEdinburgh
  • Twitter@arcnetni
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arc-net is a unique cloud based data company that supports product and brand security and authenticity whilst securing the supply chain through data analytics using Blockchain technology.

What encouraged you to join Entrepreneurial Spark’s people accelerator programme?
As a new business, the advice and support offered by Entrepreneurial Spark’s mentors was something that was highly enticing. The team in Entrepreneurial Spark Edinburgh (Gill, Anne, Ken and Katie) have been fantastic in providing advice, guidance and mentorship. They have helped us to create a shared vision for the future and continue to push us mentally and commercially.

Since joining Entrepreneurial Spark how have you seen your business change?
Since joining Entrepreneurial Spark our business has accelerated exponentially. Thanks to the advice from the team in Entrepreneurial Spark, we have been exposed to a number of organisation that are in a position to provide either funding or access to funding. arc-net secured its first seed investment three weeks after joining Entrepreneurial Spark in Edinburgh. Thanks to this investment the team were able to establish its first Minimal Viable Product (MVP) which has helped the business to showcase its capability and solution offering.

As an entrepreneur how have you changed since joining Entrepreneurial Spark?
Since joining Entrepreneurial Spark, I have become more focused and willing to listen more and speak less. The Entrepreneurial Spark team have helped me cut through the fog of business and get to the point quicker, faster and more efficiently.

If you could give budding entrepreneurs three tips what would they be?
Listen more, talk less.
Fail fast.
Don’t be afraid to try.

Looking to the year ahead what are you hoping to achieve?
We are seeking to officially launch the company at a local, national and global stage. It is our intention to be disruptive and create a shift in the market. As we progress we also have a mission to bring up those behind us who have either helped, or contributed to, our success.

It is essential to give back.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from your mentor?
Talk less and listen more.

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