• NameJohn Loveday
  • TitleCEO
  • CompanySpearhead E-learning
  • HubBirmingham
  • Twitter@spearheadtrg
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Spearhead is a multi-award winning Training Provider that delivers the UKs leading online and practical training courses. Our client portfolio ranges from individuals to some of the UKs largest organisations.

Since joining Entrepreneurial Spark how have you seen your business change?
Our business has clearly changed but the key thing that has changed is us as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial Spark is a people accelerator, which in turn enabled us to accelerate our business. The business has seen rapid growth since joining Entrepreneurial Spark, we have secured multi million pound contracts with some of the UK's largest companies. The guidance, intense preparation and support enabled us to win those contracts and also investment.

As an entrepreneur how have you changed since joining Entrepreneurial Spark?
When we first arrived at Entrepreneurial Spark we were trainers trying to run a training business. Now we are business men running a promising and successful training company. Entrepreneurial Spark has enabled us to work on our business as opposed to in our business.

If you could give budding entrepreneurs three tips what would they be?
Don't be afraid to fail, it will happen learn from it and move forward.
Make sure that you have a customer for your product or service. Don't put time, effort and money into something if you have no one who wants it. Lean test your idea.
Surround yourself with a good team of mentors and advisors that can help you grow as an entrepreneur. You can't soar like an eagle if you're surrounded by pigeons.

Looking to the year ahead what are you hoping to achieve?
We look to revolutionise the training industry and find new and exciting ways to deliver learning. We are branching out into the UAE and look to have qualified over 10,000 people from our current contracts, delivering in excess of 24,000 online training courses.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from your mentor?
Don't be driven by price don't be in a race to the bottom. We have built a brand on high standards and the best courses available. We bring added value. Rod Tompsett, our mentor, said Don't be the provider that piles it high and sells it cheap, when you bring added value then the price is not an issue. You bring that value and make a difference to your client's organisations, so charge appropriately for your time and efforts.

If you were to describe Entrepreneurial Spark in three words, what would they be?
The people accelerator.


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