• NameHelena Hills
  • TitleCo-Founder
  • CompanyTrueStart Coffee
  • HubBristol
  • Twitter@TrueStartCoffee
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TrueStart Performance Coffee was founded by husband and wife team Simon and Helena Hills. It is a globally unique product born out of their love of triathlon, and frustration at the unpredictability of coffee for use in training as a functional drink. TrueStart is the only coffee in the world designed specifically for sports performance. It’s clean, free from synthetics and crucially; delivers an optimum, reliable level of caffeine every time.

Since joining Entrepreneurial Spark how have you seen your business change?
TrueStart is only seven months old as a business. We’ve been on Entrepreneurial Spark for five of those and things really do move forward at the speed of light! Since joining we’ve completely refocused our target audience, recruited a team and learnt how to manage execution of our vision through other energetic minds as well as ourselves. We’ve also confirmed a major listing across 300+ Holland & Barrett stores (amongst others) and defined really clear one and five year goals.

As an entrepreneur how have you changed since joining Entrepreneurial Spark?
Self-development is really important to Simon and I. As an entrepreneur it’s actually quite easy to neglect your own learning by getting bogged down in the day-to-day running of your business. Entrepreneurial Spark always reminds us to zoom out and work ‘on’ the business more than we work ‘in’ it.

In the past five months I have become much better at listening to my gut.
This is completely crucial and so much easier said than done, first you have to learn what it actually sounds like! I’m also getting better at saying “no” to the wrong type of opportunity and slowly but surely, I’m becoming more able to hand tasks over to other people.

If you could give budding entrepreneurs three tips what would they be?
Get out there and #GoDo. Even before Entrepreneurial Spark that was my main advice, just without the hashtag! You cannot wait until you have the perfect product, you cannot be secretive with your ideas.
Following your gut is also completely crucial, so learn what it sounds like.
Finally, speak to people! Build your network. It’s amazing how much people are willing to help, if you are willing to reciprocate.

Looking to the year ahead what are you hoping to achieve?
We’re focusing on a few things! Firstly, establishing great rate of sale with our key retail partners and making our current listings extremely successful. We are also completely focused on certain key growth metrics and hitting those is not even a choice. Additionally, we’re going out for Series A funding to scale up following seed investment last year and we’re looking to launch a second product. This is on top of the current launch of our new website and brand enhancement, which will be closely followed by our new packaging launch in March.

If you were to describe Entrepreneurial Spark in three words, what would they be?
Insane daily growth!

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