• NameAadam Patel
  • TitleFounder
  • CompanyHalal Celebrations
  • HubBrighton
  • Twitter@HalalCelebrate
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Halal Celebrations is a publisher and distributor of quality greeting cards and crackers for all faiths and cultures. Halal Celebrations is about bringing friends and family together and giving them a ‘cracking’, memorable time. Made in Great Britain, Halal Crackers offer affordable, fun and sparkle any time of the year.

What encouraged you to join Entrepreneurial Spark’s people accelerator programme?
I was working in isolation on my business plan for Halal Celebrations from my garden room. I heard about Entrepreneurial Spark on the radio offering free office space, mentorship and an entrepreneurial skillset. I successfully enrolled on the business programme and, five months in, I can say whole-heartedly that this is the best decision I have made to progress my business.

Since joining Entrepreneurial Spark how have you seen your business change?
Within the space of four months, Halal Celebrations has gone through market validation right through to development of a brand and range of products. Halal Celebrations launched and became operational on the 11th December 2015. Over this period, we marketed ourselves at both Christmas fairs and retailers. Over the period of 10 days Halal Celebrations turned over £6,500.

As an entrepreneur how have you changed since joining Entrepreneurial Spark?
The ongoing support has been phenomenal, and the business mindset and entrepreneurial behaviour I have developed as a result has been integral to helping my business start-up in a very lean and effective way.

If you could give budding entrepreneurs three tips what would they be?
Firstly, go and validate your products or services, this will give you invaluable feedback on your idea.
Develop prototypes in lean and cost effective ways and call upon favours wherever you can.
Be pitch perfect ensuring you have your hook to grab your audience’s attention – you might just be talking to an investor.

Looking to the year ahead what are you hoping to achieve?
Halal Celebrations will be launching its wedding collection, an industry worth over 10 billion in the UK alone. We are looking to grow our team to include more trained sales people and cracker technicians. We will also be launching our Mother’s Day and Valentines range which has already had much interest from both retailers and individuals.

If you were to describe Entrepreneurial Spark in three words, what would they be?
Nurturing, collaborative, success.

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