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Our entrepreneurs are always switched on and always action-focused.
Look at what they have been up to lately:


Anwar Almojarkesh image
Anwar Almojarkesh

Braci Ltd.

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Alex Feechan


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John Loveday image
John Loveday

Spearhead E-learning

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Carolyn Pearson


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Emily Falcus image
Emily Falcus


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Helena Hills image
Helena Hills

TrueStart Coffee

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Mel Bound image
Mel Bound

Founder and MD

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Aadam Patel image
Aadam Patel

Halal Celebrations

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Melanie Lawson image
Melanie Lawson

Bare Biology

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Dr. Cemal Kavasogullari image
Dr. Cemal Kavasogullari


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Siobhan Mackenzie image
Siobhan Mackenzie

Siobhan Mackenzie Ltd

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Kieran Kelly


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