Remote control – the Entrepreneurial Spark alumni bringing broadband to the masses


20 Apr Remote control – the Entrepreneurial Spark alumni bringing broadband to the masses

Internet Anywhere, a start-up which graduated from the Entrepreneurial Spark Powered by Royal Bank of Scotland hub in Glasgow hit the headlines this week.

Their USP is making fast, affordable connections the norm for remote places in the UK.

Run by John Fitzgerald, a telecoms engineer, Internet Anywhere’s clients range from construction firms and windfarms to hospitals, schools and hotels.

As he told the Daily Express this week, he believes: “No property is a lost cause so businesses and homes should stop settling for download dribbles. Personal and working lives, safety and productivity all depend now on the internet. Take farms. Their hen houses, milk sheds and tractors are all computerised.

“One size does not fit all. The more remote a place, the more complicated the connectivity. Even where a landline is impossible, it’s rarely a case of installing a satellite dish and pointing it in the right direction.

“We take customers through not just what they need at the moment but in future, be that access points, wireless printing, internet voice calls and for those companies so reliant on the internet they must have a back up, which is our system.”

After working for some big telecom firms, John spotted a service gap and a viable market and started Internet Anywhere. He began as so many entrepreneurs do – as a sole trader using a local café as a de facto office. He then joined the Entrepreneurial Spark hub in Glasgow and having learned to work on his business, not in his business, began to grow and develop.

Internet Anywhere now turns over £550,000, and with a new sales team on board is forecasting to double that next year.

Entrepreneurial Spark CEO, Lucy-Rose Walker said: “John has launched a terrific business after spotting a gap in the market and since leaving us is on a real growth trajectory. He is another great example of how we help entrepreneurs on that journey from the corner of the café to the scaled, growing business.

“Working with the Royal Bank of Scotland and other partners like KPMG Enterprise, Dell Technologies and Harper Macleods, who are the best at what they do, allows us to do this by letting our Enablers focus on the mindset of the entrepreneur.”

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