Diary Doll


Progress made since joining Entrepreneurial Spark

We’ve gone from John Lewis 4 stores, to Debenhams 5 stores and Alliance Healthcare 450 stores as well as QVC.

We’ve launched in Australia & New Zealand, and signed the Scottish netball team as ambassadors.

We’ve now been approached by the factory owner to agree the rights to sell our product across China and France.

Diary Doll manufactures and sells women’s pants with a secret waterproof panel, for heavy periods, pelvic floor weakness and post maternity.

What encouraged you to apply for Entrepreneurial Spark?

I was running the business alone, and felt overwhelmed by my inexperience. I’d watched the television programme ‘The Entrepreneurs’ and felt inspired by the whole ethos of collaboration with others going through the same difficulties.

What do you feel you have gained from the experience?

Without question I have grown in confidence, with a far better understanding of how to approach buyers and apply for funding. IP and banking are less daunting, and I am able to pitch confidently in front of strangers. On a personal level, I have benefitted from being around others who have experienced the same problems albeit with very different businesses.

How has your mindset changed since joining Entrepreneurial Spark?

I have a far more ‘can do’ attitude and am no longer phased by complex form filling. Our company has gone from strength to strength. Entrepreneurial Spark helped me win The Edge, resulting in access to GlobalScots who advised us when negotiating with Alliance Healthcare, resulting in an order for 450 stores.

If you could go back to the start of the Entrepreneurial Spark journey, what would you tell yourself?

Anything is possible, if you’re willing to listen and learn. Don’t let disappointment set you back, there’s often something bigger and better around the corner.

What is your main focus for 2015?

Growth and expansion… and of course world domination.