Entrepreneurial Spark CEO applauds National Insurance u-turn


15 Mar Entrepreneurial Spark CEO applauds National Insurance u-turn

Lucy-Rose Walker, CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark, has applauded the Chancellor’s decision to reverse planned hikes to National Insurance rates which would have impacted many of the UK’s entrepreneurs. Under plans announced in last week’s Spring Budget, an increase had been planned which would have meant the self-employed paid NI at the same level as employees. Entrepreneurial Spark spoke up for entrepreneurs across the country last week against the plans, which went against the general election manifesto of not increasing National Insurance.

Lucy-Rose said today, “We are delighted to hear that the Chancellor is no longer penalising job-creating entrepreneurs by increasing their National Insurance contributions, which we opposed last week. To truly succeed as a nation we need to reward, rather than discourage, entrepreneurship. We’d still like to see more be done regarding other policies announced during the Budget, in particular the cut to dividend tax credits, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.”

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