Become a Mentor

We need Mentors to coach, support, push and help steer the companies (Chiclets) in our Hatcheries  – are you the person to make that happen?

We are looking for senior people who have the skills, experiences and great communication to give our Chiclets that extra edge.

The role of the Mentor is to provide expert support to our Chiclets and ultimately increase the likelihood of their business becoming a roaring success.

Our LinkedIn groups are there to help Mentors meet the Chiclets in each of our Hatcheries where you can either add value virtually or arrange to meet the a Chiclet.



So, what’s involved?

Fundamentally we ask that you are committed. As a must, you need to attend one of our fortnightly Wednesday #GoDoEventNight’s to pitch yourself to the Chiclets in the Hatchery. Chiclets will then contact you though the LinkedIn group – it is up to you to decide whether to engage with the Chiclet or not.

Mentoring typically consists of a one-hour meeting, depending on the type of input the Chiclet needs that may be enough or it might naturally become a longer relationship. These meetings usually take place during the working day, between 8am and 6pm – the amount of time, location and duration is at your discretion.

You can also offer to run workshops or clinics in your area of speciality by contacting:

In addition, you may be asked to get involved in Piranha Pits, which take place at least once over a six month period (on a Friday for three hours).


What’s not involved?

Let’s be clear though, those who are considering mentoring as a means of business development, this isn’t for you – this is for those leaders wanting to give something back. If a Chiclet asks to procure the services of a Mentor, that is fine, however we’d ask that chargeable tasks are explained as such, with quotes given in advance. Chiclet discounts are of course, greatly received – we’re all in the canoe together!


Who we’re looking for

In a nutshell, we’re looking for people who can offer counsel and help in specialist areas to aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups.

They’ll typically be:

  • Senior management level (e.g. Head of, Director, Partner)
  • Managed a P&L and with line management responsibility
  • SME C-Suite level
  • Professionals, including lawyers, accountants, patent attorneys, architects, medics
  • Current or previous entrepreneurs


With particular skills and experience in:

  • Procurement/supply Chain
  • Marketing, communications, digital and social media
  • Technology
  • Debt and equity finance
  • Human resources
  • R&D/innovation
  • Investor readiness
  • Franchising


Good interpersonal skills are an essential – it’s a cliché but believe us, this matters. The ability to question and listen effectively are key. You need to share our passion and commitment for entrepreneurship and start-ups.


So what’s next? 

  1. Pick your location below and submit your application to join. Our Enablement Team will then get in touch.
  2. Once you’ve been accepted into your chosen Hatchery LinkedIn group (specific to each location), you can interact with the Chiclets. To kick off, please ensure you make an introductory post to the group – simply giving Chiclets some insight into who you are.
  3. Every fortnight we hold #GoDoEventNight on a Wednesday from 5-7pm with varied topics. You are more than welcome to attend any of these by just turning up to the Hatchery by 4.45pm – be sure to be prompt, as security won’t let you in! The Enabler in the Hatchery will invite you to do your 60 second pitch during the session and then Chiclets will reach out to you based on your skill set or just because they like the cut of your jib!


Please select from the below Entrepreneurial Spark Hatchery LinkedIn groups to get started – #GoDo 











Milton Keynes


Watch this space for information on becoming a Mentor in our London Hatchery, opening 2017.